What is Viniyoga?

Viniyoga comes from the Yoga-sutra of Patanjali and means: evolution by stages, adjustment of the practice to the capacities of the individual and not the other way around.
“The Vinigoya spirit is to start from where you are”

Aphorism II 16 of the Yoga-Sutra invites us to observe what is in order to “avoid the suffering to come”: II 16 “HEYAM DUKHAMANAGATAM”.

The practice supported by a correct attention between the effort (STHIRA) and the letting go (SUKHA) associates a work on our different bodies (physical, energetic, respiratory, mental and emotional).
This leads us to meditation (DHYANA) contemplation (SAMADHI).

This deep knowledge leads us to feel an appeasement, a contentment which in turn leads to better physical and emotional health.

But all does not end there, this expansive discipline commits us to regularly lay down the carpet on a daily basis to move further towards this space:

This universal consciousness carrying: Peace, Joy, Clarity.

Yoga teacher diploma from the French Federation of VINIYOGA.

Diploma of Yogatherapy Faculty Lariboisière Dr Lionel COUDRON).

More information

The Vinigoya Federation was created by TDK DESIKACHAR (Mandiram of Madras) to disseminate a personalized teaching which has its roots in the Indian tradition of the text of the Yoga-sutra of Patanjali and which takes into account the priorities of each one and the Western way of life.

“To be human is to have the privilege of being consciously in quest” Monk Zielinski.

Lessons are provided

Tuesday from 6.15 p.m. to 7.15 p.m. & 7.15 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.

Thursday from 6.15 p.m. to 7.15 p.m. & from 7.15 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.