The team of physiotherapists welcomes you from Monday to Friday on telephone appointments on 05 59 85 92 26
We practice:

 Pre- and post-operative functional rehabilitation, post-trauma, neurological, rheumatoid arthritis
herapeutic massage
  Manual lymphatic drainage
 Respiratory physiotherapy
 Rehabilitation by ionophoreses for hypersudation (armpits, hands, feet…)
 Urogyneological and rehabilitation (manual or probe) method Bernadette de Gasquet.
 The hypopressive gym abdominodiaphragmatic
 The Niromathe Method
 The Sohier Method
 Rehabilitation of swallowing and lingual positioning
 Postural rehabilitation (magnotherapie)
 The massage of scar tissue
 The LPG
 Shock Waves
 Cryotherapy GAME READY
 Reathletisation with Crossfit and tartan athletics track
 Physiotherapy and ultrasound
 Suspensions and joint pulls
 Home care