Caycedian® Sophrology, created by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a psychiatrist, is a discipline that allows to develop a serene awareness on techniques of relaxation and activation of the body and mind.

Is Sophrology for me?

Having trouble dealing with your stress? Are you often overwhelmed by your emotions? Having trouble finding your place between work, family, friends?   Or simply you want to calm down and relax for general well-being.

Alors la sophrologie est pour vous !!

Sophrology is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and find a better balance.

  • Children from 5 years old
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Seniors

Finding your place in today’s society can be complicated at any age.

Whether you’re a teenager during your studies, a new mom, a high-level sportsman, an adult at work or a retiree…

Society asks us a lot of things and always in speed.

In addition, with the evolution of social networks we have a hard time managing all this surplus creating anxieties, phobias and fears.

Sophrology helps to better manage the stresses of daily life, to cope with life events.

Through our sessions you will find your abilities and your value, and you will better understand your emotions in order to better welcome them.

What is a session?


The sessions are tailored to YOU.

Depending on your needs and abilities, the sessions can take place standing or sitting.

After each session, you will leave with a recording of the session to continue the practice at home and allow you to become self-sufficient in the long run.

The sessions consist of a set of relaxation techniques, breathing, body movements, muscle relaxation and “visualization” of thoughts.


  • Students, students and teachers not only to strengthen intellectual activity (action on concentration, memorization) but also to control emotionality, build confidence and use the body’s resources (breathing, venting of tension).
  • The world of work, employees and business leaders, job seekers and retirees: harmonizing personal and professional life, learning to manage the constraints of time and rhythms of life, improving their relational qualities
    Athletes: improved concentration, breathing, stress and failure management, increased motivation, integration of body schema, facilitation of learning gestures and techniques.

Individual sessions on appointments or groups (maximum 4 people)

Possible session in French or Spanish

For more information you can call Veronique on 06 07 88 22 39