Naturopathic care is based on the idea that each being is provided with vital energy, with a force for self-healing, which must be maintained and boosted.
It is this vital force that organizes, regulates, repairs our organic functions and provides the energy necessary for repairs.We are born with a reserve of vital energy linked to our heritage. This reserve tends to be exhausted with age, but especially because of the many devitalizers (= toxic) due in particular to the lifestyle or sometimes to apparently healthy and good choices but in the end, not adapted to the singularity of each one. .

All diseases and pathologies are only manifestations due to the accumulation of toxins in the tissues and to overwhelmed elimination systems (emunctories) which no longer fulfill their role. Vital energy decreases, the body becomes exhausted.

During the sessions, I study the background of the person and correct the overloads and deficiencies of the internal environment. By a global approach (I am interested in the whole person and not in his symptoms only), using exclusively natural and non-harmful means, I promote the cleansing of the organism and little by little, raises the vital energy .

The question of the microbiota is at the heart of the thought of the naturopath because it is a pillar of physiological disturbances. I now offer, in addition to classic naturopathic consultations, a specific digestive health consultation.

A session consists of the in-depth study of the microbiota using a device for measuring exhaled gases, which reflect intestinal bacterial activity. The principle is that the gases resulting from the fermentation of sugars by the intestinal bacteria can cross the intestinal wall, dissolve in the blood and be evacuated in the breath by the lung. The dysbiosis thus proven is a very powerful tool for targeted rebalancing.

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Behavioral Nutrition

Weight management
When weight is a concern, diet is often THE solution. However, no diet is effective in the long term. Within 3 to 5 years after the diet and for 95% of people, there is a gain in weight often greater than the starting weight.
More troubling, each new regime proves to be less effective than the previous one. People go from disappointment to disappointment and their weight becomes a permanent headache.However, it is possible to find serenity vis-à-vis food: to eat everything without ulterior motive, to manage the emotions that make you eat, to regain pleasure from each bite, to regulate the quantities without constraint and thus activate weight loss naturally, without frustration or social isolation.

My approach is behavioral, comprehensive, sustainable, diet-free and unrestricted.

Over the sessions, through experiences and with the help of practice tools, I help my clients make better food choices, better manage their stress and make peace with their emotions. I support them in a process aimed at relearning to listen to their body and reconnect with their food sensations (hunger, fullness, satiety …).

Naturally and gently, they rediscover an intuitive diet, where pleasure and conviviality no longer rhyme with guilt or frustration. The return to equilibrium weight can then be done …