The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Yin and Yang two complementary interdependent opposing forces which create a balance.

In nature we also have the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water there is a cycle of natural generation in nature. (wood burns and gives fire, ashes go to the earth, in the earth we find precious metals ….).

Chinese doctors over 4000 years ago compared these elements to our organs and viscera: Liver and gallbladder correspond to wood, heart and small intestine to fire, spleen and stomach to earth, lung and large intestine. to metal and kidney and bladder to water.
When there is harmony, everything circulates well at the energy level of the organs.

But epidemics, viruses, bacteria, trauma or shocks can disrupt the proper flow of energy in the body.
The second leading cause of illness in Chinese medicine is emotions. Chaque organes et viscères ont des émotions propres particulières qui peuvent les dérègler (ex: le foie: colère, contrariétés, frustrations, culpabilité et stress!)

We will consider that these organs correspond to the root of our problems and that pathologies are the branches. And we will try to treat the root and the branches simultaneously so that the problems do not reappear. In comparison take a plant: if you want to cut the leaves of a plant which are turning yellow but if you do not go to the root if there is too much water and the leaves will always grow back yellow and the disease persist in.

Well, it’s the same for the human body.

We will try to do more prevention and work on the source of the problem and on the symptoms at the same time.

Warning! the two medicines are complementary: a Western medicine which is more urgent but is essential in certain cases.


We are going to make an energy balance of the organs thanks to the interrogation, the palpitation of the Chinese pulses and the observation of the tongue.
Each organ and each viscera have a meridian (energy circuit) which corresponds to them. If an organ is disturbed, the energy does not flow harmoniously.
It will be necessary to go where there are disturbances: excess or empty on the acupuncture points in order to regulate everything.

We will work locally on the symptoms and remotely on the roots (the organs). Thus we can rebalance the body with digipuncture thanks to Chinese energy massage: Tuina amno or with acupuncture.

If this is not enough we will be able to work with the Chinese pharmacopoeia. (plants, minerals …. of natural origins).

Naet method by Doctor Nambudripad: Allergy elimination technique:

Natural technique and without drugs to deactivate intolerances, sensitivities, allergies and allergy-related disorders.
The identification of substances that are sources of disturbance is harmless and non-invasive. Ideal for children, this painless method stimulates acupuncture points by acupressure.
The identification of disturbing substances is carried out using a kinesiological technique (Neuromuscular sensitivity test) and makes it possible to define whether the origin of the allergy is traumatic, physiological or emotional, sometimes with a combination of these criteria.

Aesthetic facial acupuncture: face and neck lifting by acupuncture:

Attenuates in a totally natural way:
– Superficial and slightly deeper wrinkles
– The effects of skin aging
– Facial paralysis

Without any injection, or harmful effects on health, the very very fine needles tone and tighten certain muscles of the scalp for the lifting effect.
They relax other tight muscles in the face that used to cause wrinkles, and you get a more radiant complexion.

Why ?

Headache, Dizziness
ENT problems (Sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, apthes, herpes)
Joint pain (shoulders, knees, ankles)
Back problems (cervical, stiff neck, low back pain, sciatica, hernias)
Neuro psy problem (insomnia, depression, anxiety, oppression)
Stomach problems different stomach aches
Liver problems, gallstones, hepatitis …..
Urological problems (kidneys, prostate …..)
Painful periods, fibroids, mastitis, menopause … Pregnancy follow-up, oncology follow-ups (in parallel with chemotherapy or radiation: strengthens the body and helps to better evacuate toxins …)