What is Deep Tissus Massage?

The Deep Tissus Massage is a massage of the deep muscles and fascia of the body.

It requires precise anatomical knowledge.

Its characteristics: The sliding pressures more and more supported are transverse or parallel to the muscle fibers according to the type of muscle, the state of tension and / or the pain. Static pressure can also be used on sensitive areas of the body.

The use of specific oils promotes massage.

Its indications:

– Following Mézières care or Global Postural Rehabilitation

– In times of stress or instability

– Quite simply, to feel living in harmony with your body.

His actions!

it releases permanent states of tension by releasing muscle fibers or myofibrils which, when aggregated, lose their effectiveness.

It drains toxins accumulated in the tissues and helps restore circulation. It is not uncommon for the person massaged to feel stiffness a day or two later: these are due to toxins that have entered the general circulation in order to be eliminated. It is therefore important to hydrate well, repeatedly, after the session.

It releases the sheath enveloping each muscle and tendon. As a result of an injury, chronic stress or a poor diet, this sheath can lose its ability to slip.

it softens adhesions and scars.

It restores freedom of movement by loosening structural knots: it is very common to find sensitive areas during Depp Tissue Massage, when they are spontaneously little or totally painless. These "forgotten" areas can create joint limitations from a distance.

It helps in body awareness.

It can facilitate emotional release. If a structural knot has formed in connection with an emotionally significant event, this emotion can appear when we touch that part there. Being "touched" (literally and figuratively) can bring out an emotion: let us express it with respect, benevolence and simplicity.


  • 60-minute session – 60 €
  • 30-minute session – 35 €