What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Traditionally used for its hygienic and preventive virtues, in a process of well-being and health, it can schematically be considered as the Indian version of the relaxing global massage.

While there are different ways of practicing abhyanga with us as in India, there is always an oil massage, gentle, of the whole body.
It aims through the regularization of what Ayurvedic medicine calls "I" basic energy vata, well-being, relaxation, the physical reunification of the individual and his energetic refocusing.

It is particularly suitable for stressed and tired subjects, insomniacs and in cases of intellectual or physical overwork.

Practicable on the table as on the floor and according to a protocol that lasts about fifty minutes, it responds perfectly to the demand for a well-being massage as it can be offered in an office over a one-hour session.

Sesame oil is classically the most used for this type of massage because of the properties attributed to it by Ayurvedic medicine.


  • 60-minute session – 60 €