What is Orthoptics?

The origin of the word ORTHOPTIA comes from the Greek root ORTHO (O) which means RIGHT and OPSIE which indicates the VISION or the EYE

Orthoptics is a para-medical profession performed by a medical assistant, the orthoptist.

The vocation of the orthoptist is the screening, rehabilitation, rehabilitation and functional exploration of vision disorders. Its function extends from the infant to the elderly.

The proven visual pathologies are binocular imbalances, strabismus and amblyopia.

In the event of poor vision, after specific rehabilitation of visual function, he implements appropriate training for the proper use of optical aids.

When there is a deficit of vision, the orthoptist advises the patient on the layout of his workstation, on the lighting, the eye-screen distance, in order to allow him to make the best use of his visual capacities. .

The orthoptist works on medical prescription and therefore collaborates with any doctor. he liaises with para-medical professionals and opticians who take care of the optical equipment.